Blog restart…

Thank you, WordPress for your services. This is not goodbye: I have decided to restart this blog I am wiping over 12,000 Likes; 1,000 comments and I am keeping my followers; This website will return back to normal as my personal blog as of 17th you will see the changes I will also be inviting guest bloggers to write a post and I am starting up a new site on WordPress that I will be recruiting volunteers for. More about my next project will be posted very soon. This post will also be gone on the 17th.


Posting once again…

So I have taken into account that my new blog: has not had been very successful, So I have decided to do the following; This blog will be my personal blog, And my domain site will be my professional site. I will be updating this blog to match the 2019 standards and start posting again as of today. Expect this to WordPress blog to be posting again as of 8:40 PM BST today.

Hello I’m Back.


hello Everone i am back after a long and hard Month For Familey Reasons j will be back blogging while doing work on the apps k produce in a little behind beacuse of last month

But I would like to thank ever one for the support

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